The Trollfinger is 313m high
The Trollfinger is 313m high

Our Team has been fortunate to receive a Hillary Expedition Grant for the expedition.

Thanks Sport NZ.

Other people that we are working with us to fulfill our aims and objectives are….

The West Coast Alpine Club – An awesome group of outdoor adventurers based on the West Coast of New Zealand

The New Zealand Alpine Club – They look after New Zealand climbing destinations and New Zealand climbers

Atlantic Airlines – We think they are best way to travel to the Faroe Islands

Earth Sea Sky – A small family business making amazing outdoor clothing

Hilti New Zealand – Epic tools and stainless hardware

The Health Discovery Company – They make really tasty bars of nutritional goodness
Just Jerky – good energy for climbing.  We like the Chili flavour the most!
Moana Rd – Sweet bamboo armed sunglasses and other cool stuff
Aspiring Enterprises – Climbing equipment supplies.
Katabatic Creative – Photography and Design
Blue Shadow – Specialist outdoor equipment manufacturer
Minu – Original Artwork (Painting and Mixed Media), Printmaking (Limited Editions), Plush Creatures & Toys. (Sponsored website hosting).
The people of the Faroe Island have also been incredibly supportive including:
Jogvan Weihe – A great sports and camping equipment shop in Torshavn.
If you would like to work with us on the Troll Finger Expedition we are open to ideas.